Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Modern jazz from the Netherlands

Month number 5, Task 3

U ovom postu predstavljam mladog pevača i jazz pijanistu iz Holandije. Predivan i opuštajući glas, zavodljivi zvuci klavira, saksofona i truba, čine njegovu muziku prosto neodoljivom. I njegovo nežno lice i celokupna vizuelna pojava, odlično se uklapaju uz zvuk koji stvara. Ruben Hein me dosta podeća na Jason Mraza i John Mayera. 
Za sada je izdao samo jedan album, Loose fit, koji ćemo slušati u željnom iščekivanju narednog.


In this post I`m representing a young singer and jazz pianist from the Netherlands. Wonderful and soothing voice, seducing sounds of piano, sax and trumpets, make his music simply irresistible. His gentle face and the whole visual appearance, fit excelently to teh sounds he is making. Ruben Hein reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz and John Mayer.

For now he has published only one album, Loose fit, which we`ll impatiently listen to until the next one.

Music inspiration:

By Sekti Artanegara


  1. Replies
    1. You sure do it. I promise you won`t be disappointed :)

  2. His music is catchy, jazzy and makes me want to dance! smiles.

    1. My reaction was exactly like that :)

  3. Oh I am loving this ode to jazz! I can always count on finding sweet music here-- thanks for that and for linking up with us this Wed. so that others might discover your melodic voice.

    Happy Weekend to Ya,