Two basic recommendations to myself

I`ve been having the idea of joining the blog community for a long time now, but I caught myself constantly postponing it.  Somehow I let myself become a victim of a daily routine, spending days in “everyday activities” like: work, hanging out with boyfriend, friends and family, chores, music, movies, parties...  And I loved it for a long time. I can say that I was very satisfied with my life, and I was active during most of the day. Quality of your life is not defined by the others, but only by yourself. And you don`t have to have some extraordinary, unbelievable experiences in life, for it to be considered as rich and interesting. I believe that richness of life is defined rather by inner fulfillment of oneself, than by its “exterior glow”, or how it may appear in somebody else’s eyes.
However, lately in my mind I`ve started to emphasize more that “routine” part of the story and I`ve been feeling that my inner fulfillment is getting lower. I`ve never been happier in love, and I could say that I`m satisfied with my work, which is really rare today, especially in transitioning Serbia. But, on the other side, I started to have the urge to enrich my skills, my knowledge, minutes when I`m alone. Very often I`ve reminisced the past times when I was writing poems, or making crafts, or making choreographies as if I was a dancer in Madonna`s dance crew. I remember all the different situations in which I was playing with my imagination and had fun when I was alone with myself. And I must say that those reminiscenings have lasted for a long time now. And I don`t know whether this is one of the inevitable crisis in one`s life or it`s just my identity crisis, but either way I decided to put a stop on it, and to make that crisis a stepping stone in my life, and not a reason to be more passive.
I`ve decided to start blogging, without a concrete clue in which interest areas I`ll be most active. If I let it, blogging will motivate me to do lots of stuff which has been missing, so that way I could have things to blog about. I`m thinking about lots of areas in which I could give my contribution, but I`ll just go with a flow. Life is so full of unexpected events every day, which could easily touch us and change the direction in which we are going. The important thing is to start following one of those directions, and not to keep standing in a place with the big letters START!

So, in short, my first recommendation to myself is:

1.    start blogging!

 Since I don`t want to force myself and that way to risk standing on the way of the creative component of this “work on upgrading of my miniME” (is this a psychologist in me talking, or what? :) ), my second recommendation to myself is:

2.    blog when you have a need for it, don`t force it!

And, since I don`t want to write in a style of popular psychologists, who tend to emphasize the conclusions by enumerating tones and tones of stuff, which all say one or two same things, I`ll start with only two basic recommendations to myself. The big thing was to start. I don`t want to make myself insecure at the very beginning of this journey :)

Needless to say, that I started this blog with completely different idea of the title and of the content. Now, at the very end of the blog, the title kind of appeared by itself. Wow, that`s like with the real writers! Now, I can`t wait to continue with this project :)

But, stop Saskia! Remember the second rule!

Since somewhere up there in the blog I named my start of blogging as "work on upgrading of my MINIME", here`s one of my fav artists Nujabes, in a collaboration with MINMI (don`t know about the correct pronunciation, but MINIME and MINMI I read the same, so hence the connection):

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