Saturday, October 20, 2012

Humans - always dissatisfied with something! ///// Čovek je nekad proklet!

Month number 7, Task 5

Ovaj post je inspirisan postom koji je Bitchy dust napisala o tome kako biti sretan. Ja ću se nadovezati i pričati više o tome kako su ljudi stalno nezadovoljni. Jednom rečju o tome kako je čovek proklet!

Kada dođe leto - super! Napokon je otoplilo. Ali, sad je već previše toplo, kad će više kiša da nas rashladi! Kada padne kiša - uf, hoću nazad sunce i toplo vreme!

Kada smo tužni, mislimo kako bi nam mnogo lakše bilo kada bi oko nas bili srećni ljudi, pa "da barem malo podelimo tu sreću". A kada nam neko onda priča o svojoj sreći, ne možemo da je podnesemo jer nam naša tuga onda padne još teže.


This post was inspired by the post of Bitchy dust, where she was writing about how to be happy. I`ll write in addition to it, about how people are always dissatisfied with something. In one word, how humans are damned!

When summer come s- great! Finally it got warm. However, now it`s too warm - God , give us some rain! When it finally rains -ooops, I want the Sun and warm weather back.

When we are sad, we are thinking about how good it would be if around us there were more happy people, so that we "could share their happiness". And when someone is talking about their happiness, then we can`t stand it because our sadness seems even harder then.

Kada je čovek dugo sam, pa razmišlja kako bi sve dao samo da ponovo bude srećan u ljubavi. Pa kada napokon to ostvari, e onda mu smeta što nema vremena za sebe. Kada je dugo bez posla pa mu ništa neće biti teško samo da se zaposli. A kada se zaposli: "što sad moram ovako rano da ustajem, ovako puno da radim, ovako malo da zarađujem".

Kada smo mladi, razmišljamo samo o danu kada ćemo se osamostaliti i živeti "svoj život". A kada se osamostalimo, prisećamo se kako nam je lepo bilo sa roditeljima i kako bi lepo bilo da je mama tu da nam skuva, da malo počisti stan, da tata da koji dinar.

Kada roditelji odgajaju decu tako retko hvale svoju decu za ono što su dobro uradili, a tako lako kritikuju. Jer dobro se podrazumeva, a loše nikako ne sme da se desi!


When a person is alone for a long time, he/she is thinking how he/she would give everything to be happy in love again. And when that finally happens, then he/she is bothered by how little time he/she has for oneself. When we are long without a job, we are thinking how nothing would be difficult if only we could get a job. And when we are hired: "why do I have to get up so early every day? why do I have to work every day? why do I earn so little?".

When we are young we are thinking about a day when we will emancipate and start to live our own life. And when we got emancipated, we reminisce about the days when out mother was cleaning for us, cooking for us, when our Dad was giving us money.

When parents are raising the children they rarely praise them (at least in Serbia), but easily are critizing them. Because, the good is expected by itself, but the bad CAN NOT happen!

O državi i vođenju politike ne znam da li i da komentarišem.. Na Balkanu je inače popularno kukati i stalno biti nezadovoljan!

Pa onaj stav kada dobijemo šta smo želeli, a mi smo u fazonu: "pa dobro, ali..." Ne pamtim kada mi je neko rekao da je generalno srećan u svom životu.

Ako bi mogli stalno da budemo srećni, bez da se pomučimo. Jer, Bože moj, to ne zavisi od nas, već od sreće koja se deli pri rođenju. Slažem se da ponekad kada smo dali sve od sebe, postoji i onaj x factor krajnjeg ishoda, na koji mi ne možemo uticati. Ali, treba imati u vidu ovo:


About the country and the politics I won`t even comment.. On Balkans it`s very popular to moan and constantly be dissatisfied.

And then that attitude when we get what we wanted, but we are like: "Ok, but..". I can`t remember when someone has told me that he/she is satisfied with life in general.

If we could be happy, without any effort. Because, God, it doesn`t depend on us, but on happiness that is given by birth. I agree that sometimes when we gave everything, there`s that X factor of the final outcome, on which we can`t influence. However, you should keep in mind that:

.. i ovo: //// .. and this...

 I jedna srećna pesmica za kraj :) //// One happy song for the end :)


  1. Muzika <3
    Uvek se setim one zadnje spice iz "Ovo malo duse"..

    1. Jel to onaj film sa Djuricem? Koja je pesma bila na kraju, bas me interesuje...

  2. Super.Ove tvoje postove citam naglas, da bolje zapamtim, a i da bi me drugi culi sta citam.Ali stvarnom!!
    Slazem se.Covek tezi nekom savrsenstvu, sto je nemoguce, i bas zato sto zna da ne moze sve da mu se desi i ostvari ono to zeli i zeli.Pa onda kada mu se to ostvari, on brzo zaboravi kako je to dugo zeleo i odamh predje na drugu zelju, prohtev i zahtev.
    Ja sam se uvek divila ljudskoj skromnosti, jer sama nisam ta, a htela bi da budem.Skromnost je vrelina!!

    1. Hvala Taco na lepim recima. Drago mi je uvek kada naidjem na istomisljenike :)

  3. Oh, kako si ubola poentu. Tačno je sve tu, baš onako kako svi (makar ponekad) razmišljamo.

  4. Such a lovely post :) It's all so true. I've just pinned a bunch of your quotes :)

    Thanks for linking up again this week with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  5. Divno si ovo napisala. Sve se slažem. Mene ta kuknjava izluđuje. A tek što poludim ako uhvatim sebe kad nekad zakukam...
    Nije lako naći sreću i zadovoljstvo ali život sačinjen od nezadovoljstava i kuknjave za stvarimo koje, ustvari, i nisu toliko bitne, je protraćen život.
    Moramo se malo više truditi da popravimo ono što nam smeta, i sami i svi zajedno.

    1. Bas tako. Zivot je cesto tezak i ponekad je lakse kada malo zakukamo, ali kada kuknjava postane zivotni stil, e to me bas iznervira :)

  6. What you have written here is absolutely true. Human desires are unlimited. When we are single, we want a man, when we get a man, we want him to love us always....then we want children and when we get children , we want good children, then we expect so much from them...we never feel satisfied with our current state.
    Even in our country, parents are always expecting good from children without giving. My parents are not like that but most parents is sad.
    Even, I had to tell my parents not to expect too much from life...otherwise it will lead to disappointment...but then nobody can teach others [even parents] howto be happy..we have to find our own tell you the truth: we have to "live our life" right here and now instead of trying to fix things too much or waiting for tomorrow.
    Such a beautiful post you have shared with us. Thank you !

    1. Yes, living in the present is a virtue, and not many people know how to do that! Thank you for your kind words!

  7. You always have a way of simplifying what I think. Argh, gotta get up for work or I wish this and that. Nice way of putting it in perspective. I liked the qoute so much I pinned to my advice board. Thank you for linking up to the Empowered Living hop, stay tuned I will be making a few changes this coming week. Hope to see you again.

    1. OFC we`ll see each other every week :) Thanks for your kind words!
      Best regards, Aleksandra

  8. Found you on the Aloha blog hop - I'm a new follower! Would love a follow back at

  9. Thanks for being a part of the Getting To Know You blog hop. It’s always great to see you there. Have a safe and blessed day! Sherlinda at

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